They say that readers live a thousand lives during their single lifetime. In a way, this is very true. Readers are lucky enough to experience dozens, if not hundreds, of different perspectives and situations – all from the comfort of their own homes.

Readers are often considered to be more well-rounded individuals than their peers. The above saying is likely an indicator of this belief, though it is more than that. Let’s talk further about readers and why they tend to be more well-rounded individuals.

Reading Raises Your Intelligence

It’s no secret that reading helps to raise your intelligence. Multiple studies have been done on this subject, and most found reading to impact participants’ IQs. Many theories about this include the potential positive impact of reading on our memories. 

Likely, there are several reasons why reading affects intelligence. There’s the connection to memory, but there’s also the connection to our creativity. Reading encourages us to imagine other worlds and situations. Likewise, it forces new perspectives on us, which can improve our thinking, empathy, and so much more.

Reading Helps You Understand Yourself

You may wonder how reading, or any external factor, can help you better understand yourself. Reading provides different perspectives and points of view, which can help clarify your viewpoint. Likewise, it can offer better insight – personally and within your community. In other words, reading can help you understand yourself. It can also help you better understand the people around you.

Reading Teaches New Things

There are several reasons why people choose to read. For many, reading is an escape to another world. For others, reading is a way to learn new things or share experiences. In all instances, the odds are good that you will come away from a book having learned at least one new thing.

Books contain a wealth of information and knowledge. Fictional books expand our creative selves, make complex concepts more approachable, and open new doors. Meanwhile, fiction novels can teach us new skills and more.

Reading Can Help Your Career

Did you know that reading can help your career? There are several reasons for this. First, reading promotes empathy, an essential human skill we all need and use. Empathy is critical within the workplace, though it is often overlooked when discussing work skills.

Additionally, reading can teach you dozens of new skills or improve current ones. Consider all the industry-specific books in the world. Any of those have the potential to make you a better worker and employee.